"Roseanne" Cancelled and Actress Dropped by Agent over Racist Tweets

Roseanne Barr has now been dropped by her agency over the racist tweet that led to the cancellation of her TV show.   

ICM Partners said in a statement Tuesday that Barr's tweet was ``disgraceful,'' ``unacceptable'' and ``antithetical to our core values.''   The company says it has ended its relationship with Barr ``effective immediately.''   

ABC announced earlier Tuesday that the rebooted ``Roseanne'' sitcom was canceled after the tweet that referred to former Barack Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett as a product of the Muslim Brotherhood and the ``Planet of the Apes.''   She later apologized ``for making a bad joke.''   

``Roseanne'' executive producer and co-show-runner Bruce Helford said he was ``personally horrified and saddened'' by Barr's comments, and they don't reflect the values of the people who worked incredibly hard to create an amazing show. 

Disney chairman and CEO Robert Iger says canceling ``Roseanne'' was an easy decision.  After sharing the statement Tuesday from Disney-owned ABC on the show's cancellation over a racist tweet from Roseanne Barr, Iger tweeted, ``There was only one thing to do here and that was the right thing.'' 

Iger's statement came just a few minutes after ABC President Channing Dungey announced the rebooted sitcom was canceled in a statement calling Barr's tweets ``abhorrent, repugnant and inconsistent with our values.''  

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Source: AP

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