How to Douse Your Gloomy Mood During Gloomy Weather

We officially say goodbye today to “May Gray” in San Diego.

The low clouds and light rain and drizzle we’ve seen for much of this month is not unusual, even though in some recent years, we’ve had some unusually warm weather in May.

With the last day of the month today, it doesn’t mean the May Gray weather will suddenly go away, because it can often linger for a while yet into what we call June Gloom.

If you’re wondering if this gray and rainy weather can really make us gloomy and affect our mood, you’re not wrong.

According to a report on Web MD this week, cloudy and rainy weather can indeed have a negative effect on your emotions.   According to one study, close to 10 percent of people even fall into the “rain haters” category.  

The study says if you’re in this group, you feel angrier and less happy on days with persistent rain.  Another study found that when it rains, there are more negative posts on Facebook.

Clinical Psychologist Tecsia Evans in San Francisco says, “When it gets dark and dreary out, some people definitely have more susceptibility to feeling lonely or down. It’s pretty common to see a change in mood -- such as feeling sadness or lower self-esteem -- when it’s rainy outside.”

So how do you avoid the gloomy effect of gloomy weather?

She says that while you may feel like turning off the lights and get into bed when it rains, instead you should turn on the lights.  She says research shows that light can boost serotonin (SAIR-UH-TONE-IN), which improves your gloomy mood.

Another psychiatrist told Web MD she tells her weather gloomy patients to exercise, even take a walk in the rain.

And she suggests not being alone when the weather makes your gloomy, saying that when you’re by yourself, it can make your gloomy mood gloomier.  So...let’s all say goodbye to May Gray but let’s try to say hello to June Gloom with more of a smile!

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Rain on San Diego Freeway  Getty Images

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