What You Didn't See on 4th of July in Coronado

Coronado was a busy place during the 4th of July holiday with thousands of people lining up to watch one of most traditional parades and spend time at Coronado’s famous beaches or visiting the Hotel Del.

But if you were among them, you probably didn’t see what you saw in the city of San Diego.  Those would be a lot of dockless bikes left around town.

That’s because the city of Coronado doesn’t want them there has taken steps to make sure you don’t see that.

The Union Tribune reports that city workers in Coronado have now impounded more than 100 of the dockless bikes found left in their town since March.

Because businesses that use the public right-of-way, like sidewalks and streets have to get a permit.  And because the dockless bike companies – don’t have permits, the city can scoop up bikes left sitting somewhere and take them away.  The dockless bike companies have to pay a 45 dollar impound fee and a buck a day for each day they’re there.

And now the city of Coronado plans to take any of the bikes left in storage for 90 days and recycle them for scrap.

So Coronado means business when they say they don’t want these bikes left abandoned all over their sidewalks.

In the city of San Diego, there are few restrictions on their use except for safety.  But with dockless bikes blocking some sidewalks and the recent incidents of injuries related to the also popular dockless scooters, pressure may be building at San Diego City Hall.

(Photo credit 10News)

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