Man Rescued from Chimney in Mira Mesa

A 23-year-old man was rescued from a chimney Wednesday in Mira Mesa.

The rescue happened in the 8600 block Hydra Lane. San Diego Fire-Rescue crews spent 45 minutes helping the man out. Firefighters said the man was taken to the hospital.  The 23-year-old told crews he lives at the San Diego home. 

San Diego police say the man lives with his parents and they reportedly had ordered him to leave the home sometime before the incident for some reason.

San Diego Fire Rescue personnel lowered cables down the chimney and were able to lift the man out, He was covered in filthy soot when he emerged from the chimney. He was taken to a hospital to be checked and treated.

(Photo credit 10News)

SD Firefighters Rescue Man in Chimney  10News


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