MMA Fighter Stops Burglar in City Heights

A suspected burglar messed with the wrong guy and paid the price. Sergio Hernandez Jr., an MMA fighter, says he and his father got to their City Heights home Monday and found a stranger in their backyard, and a the screen to a window broken. The guy tried to get away and that's when Hernandez jumped into action. He used his MMA skills to get the man in a "triangle hold," holding him there until the police arrived. 

A neighbor caught the incident on video, and it's now going viral, with more than 100,400 views online. See the video here (WARNING: POST CONTAINS PROFANITY)

The burglar is lucky the professional fighter has a good heart... Hernandez says he wanted to break the guy's arm, but he really doesn't like hurting people. The home was ransacked, but Hernandez said nothing was stolen.

Photo Credit: 10 News


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