What to Complain About in San Diego

It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity.  That’s what a lot of people back East always say. 

But this summer in San Diego, a lot of people around here are saying it.

That’s because we’ve had a lot of it.  We certainly get some hot weather this time of year, so that’s not unusual.

But what is not as common is the kind of humidity we’ve had in San Diego in recent weeks to go along with the higher summer temperatures.

It just feels more muggy, because it is.  And you can also tell by the recent thunderstorms we’ve seen in the mountains and in the foothills.

And we’ve even had them forecast for areas closer to the coast like today.

We’re used to humidity at the beaches in San Diego, but that’s the kind of humidity you like, the beach kind.

Elsewhere in the county, the heat and the humidity have been causing a lot of people to say it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity.

The good news is the humidity is good news when it comes to the risk of wildfires in the summer.  Humid weather is much better than dry weather when it comes to a chance of a bad wildfire.

So we shouldn’t complain too much.  But when it’s not perfect in San Diego when it comes to the weather, it’s hard not to complain.

(Photo KOGO News)

Thunderstorm San Diego  C.E. Albert

Thunderstorm San Diego C.E. Albert

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