California Supreme Court Says Breaking Up is Hard to Do

You won’t have to worry about changing your full address on your letter head or business cards if you live in California.  

Up until yesterday, there was a chance, albeit a very, very slight chance, that depending on what voters would have done this November, the state of California might be split up into three new separate states.

But the California Supreme Court ended any chance at all of that happening anytime in the foreseeable future when they unanimously ruled that Proposition 9, the 3 Californias measure will not be on the ballot in November.  The court said in its ruling that there were significant questions about its validity.

Very few were surprised if any and very few are disappointed except for the guy who proposed the measure and spent more than one million dollars of his own money to get enough sign signatures to qualify it for the ballot.

Venture capitalist Tim Draper has been described as an eccentric entrepreneur. A few years ago, he tried to get a measure on the ballot that would divide California into 6 states.

His reaction to the state Supreme Court‘s decision this week on his 3 Californias measure?  “This kind of corruption is what happens in Third World countries”, he said.

But don’t be surprised if he tries again to divide up the state. Crazier things have happened in California.

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