Heatwave Prompts Heat Warning And Flex Alert in San Diego County

Due to high temperatures throughout California, including San Diego, the California Independent System Operator Corporation today issued a statewide Flex Alert that calls for voluntary electricity conservation from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Tuesday and Wednesday.

``Consumers are urged to conserve electricity especially during the late afternoon and evening, when air conditioners typically are at peak use,'' a California ISO statement said. ``Consumers can help avoid power interruptions by turning off all unnecessary lights, using major appliances before 5 p.m. and after 9 p.m., and setting air conditioners to 78 degrees or higher.''

Flex Alerts are issued due to high temperatures across the western U.S., reduced electricity imports, tight natural gas supplies in the Southern California area, and high wildfire risk.``The ISO has called on all available resources to be available to serve demand -- however, conservation is needed to reduce the risk of further emergency measures, including rotating power outages,'' the statement said.

The ISO's service territory serves about 80 percent of California's electricity consumers.

For more electricity conservation tips, visit the ISO's Flex Alert website HERE.

Currently, an excessive heat warning is in effect in San Diego County for the valleys, mountains and desert areas until 8pm Thursday evening. 

Forecasters say temperatures are expected to be in the 80's along the coast, 90's in the mountains and low 100's inland. The desert area could reach temperatures as high as 118-degrees. 

The U.S. Forest Service today announced an emergency closure of the Three Sisters and Cedar Creek Falls areas due to health and safety concerns from expected high temperatures. The closures are in effect until Thursday. ``The road and trail system leading to both Three Sisters and Cedar Creek Falls are very challenging under normal conditions, but with extreme heat, the area becomes dangerous,'' according to a Forest Service statement.

Authorities typically implement emergency closures when temperatures are expected to exceed 95 degrees. Additional closures are expected throughout the remainder of the summer.

Heat stroke results in several fatalities per year in those areas, according to the Fire Service, and hundreds of people require medical aid or air rescue annually.

The Three Sisters and Cedar Creek Falls areas will be reassessed on Friday.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Source: CNS


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