What Questions Do You Have About Social Media?

We’re now just a little over three months from the midterm elections in early November.

And a lot of the politicians from local state capitals to Congress and the White House are talking more now about what to do and how to do it when it comes to preventing more of the Russian meddling in the elections this fall.

Since last year when all the news was coming out about how Russian trolls used Facebook and Twitter to create phony accounts and fake news stories to try to influence voter opinions during the 2016 presidential election year, Americans have become aware of how powerful social media sites can be and how vulnerable they are.

And that’s why, according to a report by The Hill, the people who are in charge of Facebook, Twitter and Google are being called to answer questions in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee in a few weeks.

So if you were a member of that Senate Committee, what questions would you ask of the heads of the social media companies that most of us use every day?

What would you want to know about how Facebook. Twitter and Google do what they do?  

Besides the lingering questions about Russian trolls on social media, many of us probably have questions about privacy and what they do with our personal info.  And questions about all those ads and sponsored stories and posts that suddenly and consistently show up on our social media feeds about a product that we have searched for on line.

These are all things we didn’t have to worry about and questions we didn’t have to ask 10-15 years ago when the age of social media began.

But it has changed everything from what we buy to who we elect to public office.  Whether we choose to “like it” or not.

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