Changing the Name of Balboa Park's Museum of Man

The news that one of San Diego’s oldest and most popular museums is looking for a new name is generating a lot of reaction.

The Museum of Man, located at the iconic entrance into Balboa Park has been called the Museum of Man for 70 years and on its website describes it as a place with something for everyone with wide range of human history and culture.

A spokeswoman for the Museum of Man says that now after all those decades, it’s time to select a name for the museum that better reflects its values…and fully embodies their mission of human connections by exploring the human experience.

The statement from the museum says their new name will reflect inclusivity, equity and love.

So the Museum of Man is doing a survey to find a new name and it asks for feedback on five possible names:  The Museum of Humankind, The Human Experience, The Museum of Many, The We and just the One.

10News talked to some visitors to the Museum of Man, men and women, for the reaction. And as you might guess, some say it’s a great idea, saying a new name will make it clear what the museum is really all about.  And others saying it’s not such a great idea, and that changing the name the Museum of Man after all these years would make it the Museum of Political Correctness.

Whatever they decide, the name change is certain to be controversial because humans have been arguing over things since the beginning of mankind.

See Museum of Man name change survey,

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Museum of Man in Balboa Park  10News

Museum of Man in Balboa Park 10News

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