San Diego Non Profits Help Children With Deformities

If your child has a physical or cosmetic deformity, these non profits help at no cost. They work with birthmarks, abuse, dental issues, and ophthalmologists. Even if you have insurance, but can't afford the operations, these groups are here for you and other children.

The groups are Fresh Start Surgical Gifts and Connect Med International.

Fresh Start Surgical Gifts is a local nonprofit dedicated to transforming the lives of disadvantaged infants, children, and teens with physical deformities and conditions that cause low self-esteem through the gift of reconstructive surgery and other healthcare services.

Fresh Start encourages San Diego families affected with physical deformities or conditions that cause low-self esteem to apply to its medical program to access free reconstructive surgery and other medical services.

ConnectMed stands apart from traditional medical mission organizations because they work with communities with insufficient medical resources to support patient care AND strengthen the local healthcare systems.

Listen to our interview below. 

Find the link to Fresh Start Surgical Gifts HERE

You'll find ConnectMed International HERE



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