California Ranks Near Bottom in Vacation Survey

California leads the nation in a lot of things and not just its population. But maybe you heard about a new survey that’s out.

It puts California near the bottom of the list.  And it has to do with something you wouldn’t probably expect.

California is ranked 46th among the 50 states when it comes to employees taking vacation time.  The new survey from Project:Time Off found that workers here in California took 16.7 days of vacation last year.

And California is #1 in the nation as the state with the most number of unused vacation days.  If you’re into numbers, that means that in 2017, all California employees together had 97-million-25-thousand-716 earned vacation days not taken.

In case you’re wondering, the Project Time Off survey ranked Arizona, Colorado and Virginia as the states where employees took the most vacation last year.

Montana, Delaware and Rhode Island were ranked lower than California in the number of days workers were on vacation.

So why do employees in California take less vacation than almost all the other states?  The survey didn’t directly answer that question, but suggests a company’s work culture when it comes to taking vacation makes employees happier even if they don’t use all the vacation days they have.

Hear more about this with one of the people from Project Time Off tomorrow at Noon here on Newsradio 600 KOGO, unless of course you’re on vacation.

Check out Project: Time Off survey.

(Photo credit 10News) 



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