Study Says A Prenatal Vaccine Does Not Lead to Autism

A Kaiser Permanente study of more than 80,000 children born over a four year period showed that the prenatal Tdap vaccination was not associated with increased risk of autism spectrum disorder in children. 

The Tdap covers tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis or whooping cough. The lead author says infants are at a high risk of hospitalization and death due to  pertussis, which is highly contagious. She says with waning immunity against pertussis in the U-S, it's very important for pregnant women to be immunized against pertussis. It is an immunity they pass on to their unborn baby.

She says some women are still hesitant to get the vaccine, but this study, which invovled nearly 82 thousand children should reassure them.

The study is in Pediatrics. You can find it HERE


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