VIDEO: Greatest Padres Standing Tall at Petco Park

The Padres may have lost three of their four games during an extended weekend promotion, but the fans say being there was well worth it.

That’s because the fans had a chance to see and honor the Padres recently inducted Hall of Fame pitcher Trevor Hoffman.

And while the Padres may not have enough to win a lot of games right now, the organization does know how to honor its great ones.

And Trevor will always be one of the great ones, come hells bells or high water

Fans received Trevor memorabilia, including replicas of his Baseball Hall of Fame plaque in Cooperstown and of the statue of him that will stand at Petco Park for as long as it stands...if not longer.

Trevor’s statue is not that far from the statue of the Padres’ other Hall of Fame player who also was known by just his first name, Tony…Tony Gwynn, the late Mr. Padre who may not have been there in body, but Tony was certainly there in spirit as Trevor’s statue was unveiled over the weekend.

You see Trevor and Tony were not only among the greatest when they played, but they had something about them that fans enjoyed as much as the did watching them lead the Padres to the World Series in 1984 and 1998.

Fans treasured Trevor and Tony not only for their excellent play on the field but also for always showing their gratitude for the fans; signing autographs and contributing to the community even while working hard to be among the best in the game.

It’s worth a trip to Petco Park, even when the Padres are losing, to see the statues of these two greatest of Padres who will also be winners among San Diegans.

See unveiling of Trevor Hoffman statue.

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Padre Trevor Hoffman Statue Aug 2018  Getty Images


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