I Am in LOVE! Meet: Domino!

And, darn, he is one handsome fella.

His name is Domino, and he has been with me for a few weeks, now.

If you don't know, my mom's neighbor died, and left two cats behind. Somehow Domino ended up at my mom's house, and the other stayed with the roommate.  

We got off to a rocky start. 

I noticed he was peeing in a lot of places NOT called a "litterbox." 

I also noticed he wasn't peeing much, all over the place. 

So we trotted off to the vet, where I expected to part with a few hundred dollars, and acquire some antibiotics. Instead, we did a Hell-run to another clinic in Chula Vista where they knocked him out, inserted a catheter, and kept him for a few days. 

So I parted with a whole lotta money, for a free cat, and finally took him home to recuperate.

He has special needs, it turns out. Special food. Far more litter boxes than expected. 

And the face of a boy who has had a rough time of it. 

We are snuggling now, and he makes muffins all over my belly and neck and face. 

He is worming his way directly into my heart with his little meows and his big personality. 

And I am trying to make-up for the loss of his dad, by being a super-cuddly mom. 

I really dig this little guy, and I think he is warming to me, too. Bless his little heart. 

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