The Battle for Mission Valley Enters the 4th Quarter

While most of the news is consumed by all of what’s going on in Washington these days, there’s also something else going on much closer to home.

It’s not happening about a place along the Potomac River but about a place along the San Diego River. It’s the growing attention being paid to what will happen at the site of SDCCU stadium in Mission Valley.

In just 8 weeks, voters in the city of San Diego will be asked to decide what happens to that large piece of land that is considered to be possibly the most valuable and most important piece of land in the city when it comes to what to do with it.

It was the abandonment to L-A by the NFL team that shall not be named that led to this critical vote coming up in the November election.

The Soccer City plan or the SDSU West plan.

Voters are being asked to decide on both of the two plans for this huge plot of land in Mission Valley.  Each is a separate citizens initiative, and they won’t be on the ballot as a race between two candidates. 

Over the next two months, you’re going to see and hear a lot of about them as each campaign works to convince voters to choose their plan.

Each campaign is working to get endorsements, the SDSU West plan recently picking up some key ones that include business and labor groups, Republican and Democratic groups.  And this week, San Diego State launched an "I am SDSU" campaign and a rally on campus today.

But the Soccer City campaign has support of some key politicians and says their backers include local business leaders, philanthropists and soccer legends.

(Photo credit Getty Images)

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