What We Do and Don't Worry About in San Diego

If you were listening to a radio station right now on the East Coast you’d be hearing a lot of advisories urging you to prepare for a major hurricane.

A couple of weeks ago it was Hawaii that was bracing for a big hurricane. And now they’re facing a tropical storm heading their way.

But on the East Coast a big hurricane named Florence is heading toward making landfall somewhere from Georgia to Virginia with heavy rain and possible coastal flooding along much of the Atlantic shore.

And there are two more hurricanes forecasters are tracking way out in the Atlantic that could become big trouble too in the days ahead.

But it doesn’t take a hurricane to bring rain, flooding and the cancellation of major events.

With lots of rain from Texas to Pennsylvania, the PGA tournament this weekend in the Philadelphia area was washed out for one day with the final round today.  The NASCAR races in Indianapolis were washed out over the weekend and are being run today.  And the Padres and Reds games were delayed, called or played in steady rain at times all weekend long.

Here in San Diego we don’t worry about hurricanes or even tropical storms.  And we don’t even have to worry much about heavy rain. 

But there are things we do worry about, like the lack of hardly any rain at all for months now, and this summer’s record heat, and as we’ve been reminded of a lot this year, wildfires.

So while you may find yourself thinking how great it is not to live in hurricane prone areas this time of year, we still have things to be prepared for right here.

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Hurricane Florence Sept 2018  Getty Images

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