INTERVIEWS: Del Mar Board Ends Gun Shows After December

posted by Cliff Albert - 

Gun shows which have been held at the Del Mar Fairgrounds for decades will be halted at the end of the year.

The nine-member 22nd District Agricultural Association board of directors, which oversees events at the fairgrounds, voted 8-1 to not schedule any shows after December wit no new shows until the board develops a new set of policies. The board told its staff to develop the new policies by December of 2019.  The new policies would deal with several issues according the board, including:.

  • an enhanced security and safety plan for the fairgrounds,
  • determining the age appropriateness of gun shows,
  • rules and policies that would let the board audit and monitor gun shows,
  • consideration of a ban on the possession of guns and ammunition at the fairgrounds.

(Photo credit 10News)


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