The Men of the #MeToo Movement

The "#MeToo" movement has spread farther and wider than probably anyone could have imagined.

No matter what turns out to be true or false in the case of a nominee for the highest court in the land being accused of something back in high school, the impact of the "me too" movement was underestimated to say the least.

No one knows for sure exactly what happened in a lot of cases but we’ve seen it everywhere. 

Big time Hollywood producers and network TV CEOs, popular TV news personalities, high level business executives, politicians and athletes, and men from virtually every walk of life, some very rich, some not as rich, all accused, and all seeing their careers come to an abrupt end.

And of course what they all have had in common, is something that has gone on longer and more often than we might think. What we used to not talk about, but it was there.

And if we did talk about it, we referred to it in ways that minimized it and even trivialized it, using terms such as the “casting couch” which became a way of saying it in many businesses.

And for many years it was dismissed as something that was just the way it was. But that thankfully has and is still changing. 

The men who used to get away with something are not able to get away it with it any more.  And they have no one to blame for it but themselves.  Treating women with respect is something that should be the standard for every man. And it shouldn’t take a “me too” movement for men to know that.

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