Why It's All About Respect at the Miramar Air Show

The timing is just coincidental, but the theme of this year’s Miramar Air Show is “Honoring 100 Years of Women in the U.S Marine Corps”.

The show is known as the largest military air show in the country, and while there are civilian aircraft and pilots also doing their thing, the Miramar Air Show is known for its display of the nation’s finest aircraft and finest military personnel.

This year, the air show opens as the nation is in the middle of an emotional and even angry time, marked this week by the battle in Washington over what a woman said vs what a man said.  And at a time when there have been a whole slew of men in politics, business, the media, sports and elsewhere who have been charged or fired for mistreating women, even assaulting them.

And that’s why this year’s theme honoring the women in the Marines probably comes at a good time.  Most will admit that the acceptance of women in the Marines has not come easy at times. And reports of sexual assaults in the military still occur. 

But there have been changes in attitudes not only in the military but in the civilian world as well.  And like most things it comes down to treating people, all people, the way we each want to be treated, with respect.

And this weekend at the Miramar Air Show, we celebrate the women who have chosen to serve others and their country in the United States Marine Corps. 

(Photo credit 10News)

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