News About the News and Why It's Not Fake News

"Read all about it."  

Those are the words that for decade after decade in American history thru the last century, used to be so associated with the daily newspapers in cities around the country, as sellers of the morning and evening newspapers would shout out to people going to and from work, urging the them to buy their papers and get the news.

Times have changed of course, as radio, then TV, then the internet and then social media became the disseminators of news as well.

But as times have changed, when it comes to getting the news, there also has been a growing debate in recent times about what news is and why it is and what it means and whether we can trust the news.

And that’s why today’s unique and special commemorative edition of the San Diego Union Tribune comes at the perfect time.  San Diego’s hometown newspaper that was first published on this date, October 10th, 1868, is marking its 150th year of doing the news for and about San Diego.

And in this special edition today, the Union Tribune not only re-prints the front page of that first newspaper, but more importantly also presents the reasons and the mission of how and why a newspaper does what it does.

And why journalism is as important as it has ever been.  The editors at the Union Tribune present the defense for journalism at a time that the profession and its purpose are under attack by those with various political stripes.

As one of the quotes contained in this commemorative 150th birthday edition of the newspaper puts it, “truth is always the strongest argument.”   On this day of San Diego history when it comes to the news, I urge everyone to…read all about it.  Read it here.

Listen to my interview with Union Tribune Editorial Director Matt Hall below.

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