Gun Buy Back Event -Trade A Gun For A Gift Card

If you have an unwanted gun, or a gun that could fall into the wrong hands, you can turn it in and receive a gift card or a skateboard in return. No questions asked.

The Unified African American Ministerial Action Council (UAAMAC), San Diego Police Department, San Diego Sheriff’s Department, the San Diego Training Center, and San Diego District Attorney’s Office have partnered to host an event to take your unwanted guns in return for a gift card. Details are:

Encanto Southern Baptist Church

6020 Akins Avenue, San Diego

8:00 a.m. - Noon

Saturday, October 20, 2018

$100 - Handguns

$100 - Shoulder Weapons

$200 - Assault Weapons

There will be a limit of two gift cards per vehicle. Anyone participating should place the unloaded firearm(s) in the trunk of their vehicle prior to arrival. A uniformed officer or deputy will give instructions at the location. All weapons collected will be destroyed.

Reverend Gerald Brown, of the Unified African American Ministerial Action Council (UAAMAC) commented, “It has been 11 years since we lost the precious lives of 17-year-old Monique Palmer and 15-year-old Michael Taylor. They were gunned down on a Saturday night after leaving a house party in our neighborhood. 

The UAAMAC has continued a very successful partnership with the San Diego County District Attorney Office, the San Diego Sheriff’s Department, the San Diego Police Department, and the San Diego Training Center to promote peace and safety, for all San Diegans. 

Working collaboratively over the past ten years, we have collected nearly three thousand guns, assault weapons, and ammunition during these events.

 Most importantly, we vow to remember all, who have lost their lives to senseless gun violence. Monique Palmer and Michael Taylor will live eternally in our actions, hearts, and minds."

Photo Credit: SDPD


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