The What If's About the Chargers "Fight for L-A"

What if all this buzz about the Chargers not doing well in L-A leads to something unexpected?

With the NFL meetings this week reported to include at least some behind the scene discussions of whether the Chargers can make it in L-A, what if the NFL gets so concerned about it, they want to do something about it.

What if, for example, the NFL determines that the revenue to the league from the Chargers being in L-A, once described by the NFL Commissioner as a great market, is not what they want…. that they will start thinking of doing something else?

And what if the Chargers then start thinking about moving the team out of L-A to a city where they can attract more fans than they are in L-A?

And what if the choices of cities include their home for 55 some years just to the south?

And what if the SDSU West or the Soccer City plan for Mission Valley stadium property is approved?

And what if the Chargers admit that their fight for L-A has turned into a fizzle, so they decide to talk to the group that voters approve to build a new stadium in Mission Valley?

And what if the NFL were decide to kick in several hundred million dollars to build the stadium to NFL size and the Charges kick in millions too and move into an all new home in their old hometown?

But then what if, all of this is a dream that will suddenly end….with someone saying, wake up!?

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