WATCH: Why San Diego Wants to Slow Scooters

The motorized scooters are everywhere in San Diego.  

You’ve seen them, you may use them and you may have even been hit by one or come close to it while walking or driving or been hurt riding one.

According to a report in the San Diego Union Tribune, Scripps Mercy Hospital has reported at least 30 scooter riders have required hospitalization since June, with dozens more treated in the emergency room.

In announcing his proposed new rules for motorized scooters in San Diego, Mayor Faulconer says, "First and foremost, public safety is our top priority and that will be reflected in these common-sense regulations.”

If the city council goes along with his plan, the electric scooters will not be able to go faster than 8 miles an hour in several congested areas, on the boardwalks, around Mission Bay, along the Embarcadero, in Balboa Park, among others. 

The new ordinance would require the use of geo-fencing to wirelessly prevent the scooters from going faster than 8 miles an hour in those areas.

But what about other areas all over the city where there won’t be the cyber-brakes on the scooters’ speed?   And what about the scooter riders who scoot on crowded and not so crowded sidewalks and in the middle of traffic?

And what will the city do about all those scooters that sit and sometimes pile up in front of businesses and shops and schools and stores and pretty much anywhere and everywhere?

We all know the answer.  It comes down to the scooter companies and the scooter riders taking responsibility.  But since not everyone is going to be responsible, that’s why cities like San Diego have to make laws that help do it for them.

WATCH BELOW: Take a ride on a scooter through San Diego.

(Photo credit 10News)



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