The Annoying Thing About Short Term Vacation Rental Debate

You probably heard the story we reported on a few weeks ago about the cities in the U.S with the most annoying neighbors.   

San Diego made it into the top 10 on that list, but only barely at #10 when it comes to people saying they have the most annoying neighbors.

One of the reasons may be the result of an ongoing battle over short term vacation rentals that now is about to heat up even more.

That’s because it looks like a referendum is heading to voters at a future election that calls for the restrictions on short term vacation rentals approved by the San Diego City Council just this past summer to be thrown out.

Those rules limit the number of homes in the city that can be used as short term vacation rental properties.

The campaign led by Airbnb and short term vacation rental interests, has collected enough signatures to give voters in the city the chance to decide the issue of short term vacation rentals themselves despite the recent city council approval that limits them.

So a divisive neighborhood issue in San Diego is expected to become more divisive as those who want fewer homes used for vacation rentals are pitted against those who want more.

City council hearings on the issue over the last couple of years have been filled with those on both sides with each side annoyed at the other.

And that’s why it won’t be a surprise if San Diego goes up a notch or two in the next annoying neighbors poll.

(Photo credit 10News)



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