The October Surprise of the 2018 Election?

Going up to major elections, you often hear about those on talk radio and on the cable news channels talking about an October surprise.

Some major turn of events or a significant development that that could have a last minute impact on the outcome of the election.

With this upcoming election now just a week and a half away, there has been a lot more talk about  the idea of an October surprise.

So is there an October surprise ahead of this year’s election on November 6th?

In the first days of October, some political commentators thought the way the fierce battle over the president’s Supreme Court nominee went down and the energizing of the me-too movement might be the October surprise.

And then in mid-October, some commentators were suggesting that the sudden emergence of that caravan of Central American migrants on their way to the U.S Mexico border would be the October surprise.

And now, some commentators here at the end of October are talking about the series of mysterious and potentially dangerous packages being sent to and targeting high ranking Democrats.

Even if there is an October surprise, no one can ever predict how it will actually affect the outcome of what happens a week from Tuesday in the mid-term elections in Congress and in the governor races around the country

Predicting the outcome of elections is often not easy, especially in these days of strong and emotional partisanship in the world of politics. 

So don’t be surprised if whatever the October surprise ends up being….is a surprise.

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