The Cosplay of Halloween at the Office

Millions of people will look a little different at the office today.  

Of course that’s what happens on Halloween.  Normal business attire at the office is tossed away for a day to be able wear a costume for Halloween.

In some offices in San Diego, it can be like a small reminder of what it’s like when Comic Con invades our city every summer, kind of a mini version of cosplay.

Not only kids dress up for Halloween, a lot of adults do too.  Some choose a costume that is popular, others choose one that helps them feel like a kid again or they choose one that makes a statement about themselves, even if they don’t know it.

So what are you most likely you to see at the office today or on the trick or treat trail or at the Halloween party tonight?

According to the website Fortune, Google has done a mining search of the most popular costume searches and came up with a list of the top 10 costumes this year.

At the top of the list, are characters from Fortnite, the very popular multi-player video game. Followed by more of the traditional costume selections:

Spiderman, a Unicorn, a Dinosaur, and of course a Witch.  And then there is Harley Quinn the character made famous by DC Comics, followed by the costumes they call Super Heroes from Batman to Wonder Woman and the Justice League crowd.  They’re followed on the list of most popular Halloween costumes by a Pirate, a Rabbit and of course a Princess.

No matter how you dress up, or whether you dress up at all, have a happy Halloween. 

(Photo credit Getty Images)



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