The Changing Political Climate in San Diego

With the election now just as few days away, all the signs are for a big turnout in San Diego County that could be the largest turnout ever in a non-presidential election year.

And as Election Day draws near, there are some changes from past elections.  And they have to do with the political makeup of the registered voters in the county.

According to the San Diego County Registrar of Voters office, out of the more than 1.7 million voters registered to vote in the county, 37 percent are Democrats, about 30 percent are Republicans and about 30 percent are registered as no party preference. Eight years ago in 2010, the percentage of Democrats and Republicans was the same and the percentage of independent voters was smaller.

And in past elections, the pattern was for the majority of absentee or early mail in ballot voters was more conservative.  But the register of voters this week said that’s no longer the case with the percentage of Republican and Democrat mail in ballots coming in are about the same.

So that’s why so many political pundits see the outcome of Tuesday’s election possibly leading to some big changes with signs that San Diego County could be even more blue come Wednesday morning.

Guess you could say that along with global warming, San Diego is also facing some political climate change.

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(Photo credit 10News)

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