The Political War That's Shaping Up for 2020

The midterm election is over and so are all those negative and nasty political ads that seemed to be everywhere before Election Day.

That’s the good news.  But if you were looking forward to an end to all the fighting and all the accusations between the two parties, that has not happened.

No more is Election Day an end to all the bitter election rhetoric.  It started right away.  The political fighting was game back on.

Democrats and Republicans are now in full attack mode, one week after all the election polling places were shut down and packed up till next time.

In the battle over ballots in Florida and Georgia, sparks are flying and lawsuits are being filed.

The President having threatened a war like status with the new Democratic majority House of Representatives, Democrats are sharpening their verbal swords and telling the Commander in Chief they’re mapping out plans to engage him on the political battlefield.

And there are signs that this fight could be an especially nasty one with many Republicans blue over what happened in the House, and many Democrats seeing red meat for the taking.    

And both sides are already working to muster their soldiers, i.e. their voters, to prepare for the Armageddon of political battles….now just less than two years away, the presidential election on November 3rd, 2020.

(Photo credit Getty Images)

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