What You'll See More of, If You're Flying This Holiday Weekend

On this, the busiest travel day of the long Thanksgiving weekend, some observations if you’re traveling.

Having just returned from flying to and from Texas to see family for an early holiday, there was plenty for my wife and I to observe.

The airports were already crowded, but then that’s’ what you expect around the holidays.

But what you might not expect is the increased number of passengers flying with their dogs.  Tiny dogs, medium sized dogs and even a few larger dogs.  And none that appeared to be service dogs.

And despite what you hear about the airlines being more diligent about what dogs can and cannot be in the passenger cabin, it seems as if there more dogs on board, not fewer.

Despite hearing one of the gate attendants during boarding tell a dog-carrying passenger behind us that the animal had to be in a container, when we got seated, there the dog was…sitting on its owner’ lap a couple of rows in front of us.  And then there were was the woman sitting next to us who had to brush away dog hair on her seat before sitting down.

So be ready for dogs on board.  If you happen to be allergic to dogs, good luck getting another flight.

A more positive note about flying was the more positive attitude of TSA agents we ran into. They were serious about their job as they should be but there were a lot fewer grumpy TSA types.

Of course, flying into San Diego is always a positive experience, looking at the beautiful landscape and ocean below.

That it is unless you arrive at Terminal One. The small, cramped and very old Terminal One. The planned major renovation of that place can’t come soon enough!

Read more about Terminal One renovation plans.

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