The Climate Change Needed in the Political Debate

The global warming debate is a little hotter than it was a week ago, following the government mandated report on the future impacts of climate change.

The report says unless more action is taken to slow the impact of climate change, we will see more devastating wildfires, and not just in the west. The report says we will see worse hurricanes and rain storms and there will be billions of dollars in costs and more lives lost.

The Trump administration is under fire by critics who say the President ‘s policies move us away from taking steps to reduce climate change. And there are plenty of supporters of the President who support those policies.

But there are some Republicans who are more in favor of taking more action to reduce climate change.  And most, if not all, Democrats favor much stronger action on climate change.

So in the meantime, the debate also has heated up over what to do about preventing the deadly wildfires here in California we’ve seen in the last couple of years.  And again the debate over that issue has become political with the President blaming California’s political leaders and California’s political leaders blaming the President.

The thousands of people who lost homes and the families of the dozens killed in the wildfires probably don’t care about politics when it comes to the fires and what impact global warming has on them.

They likely want to see both parties work together more to actually solve the problems.  That’s the kind of political change voters on both sides would probably like to see.

(Photo credit Getty Images)

Trump tours Paradise CA fire scene Nov 2018  Getty Images

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