"Rolling Altercation" Ends in Crash and Stabbing of Man in Bonita

A rolling dispute today between two motorists led to a collision, a face-to-face confrontation and a fatal stabbing on a busy road alongside Chula Vista Golf Course, authorities reported.

The possible road rage-sparked altercation ended shortly after 9 a.m. with one of the men lying mortally wounded on Willow Street north of Bonita Road and the other in custody, according to police.

The victim was pronounced dead a short time later, either on the way to a hospital or just after arrival, Captain Phil Collum said.

The suspected assailant, believed to be about 60 years old, was taken to Chula Vista police headquarters for questioning.

According to witnesses, the victim, who was in his 30s, and the suspect had been driving aggressively and threateningly toward each other for at least several minutes prior to the stabbing.

The mutual roadway challenges and provocations -- including the hurling of a small object, possibly a soda cup or bottle, from one vehicle toward the other -- culminated when the older motorist's white pickup truck and the other man's silver minivan collided near Sweetwater Road, Collum said.

At that point, the drivers, each of whom was alone in his respective vehicle got out to accost each other. Moments later, the younger one lay dying on the street, Collum said.

The suspect, whose name was not immediately released, surrendered peacefully to patrol officers.

The victim's identity was withheld pending family notification.

It was unclear if the deadly dispute was prompted by something that happened on the road, or if something else, such as a prior disagreement between the men, was the motivator, the captain said. 

Source: CNS

Photo Credit: 10News

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