Road Rage Leaves Father of 5 Dead and Church Organist in Jail

Chula Vista Police say National City resident Horace Williams, who was 36 years old,, was involved in the fight with 60-year-old Rickey Smith on Sweetwater Road Tuesday.

Witnesses told police Smith was following Williams’ van as the two yelled at each other. Smith’s pickup struck the van from behind, then Smith pulled in front of the van and stopped abruptly, witnesses said. The maneuver caused a crash, after which Smith left his truck and stabbed Williams, according to police.

Smith is a FedEx employee but does not work as a driver. Witnesses said he was wearing his uniform at the time of the incident.

“This report is deeply disturbing. We extend our sympathies to those affected by this tragedy,” a FedEx spokesperson said in a statement.

Police say Smith is the organist at St. Steven’s Church of God, where his wife is the director of the youth choir.  Williams leaves behind a fiancee and five young daughters. 

(Photo credit 10News)

Road Rage Death 11-27-18  10News

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