Is It A Cold Or The Flu? And When Do You See A Doctor?

When you're shopping or attending events or parties with a lot of people, or even just going to work, there's a possibility of getting sick.

If you do get sick, its likely either a cold or the flu. They're both viral infections but there are differences.

Medical Director of United Health Care Concentra, Dr. Stephen Liebham tells KOGO News, if you have a fever, body aches, chills, and fatigue, it's probably influenza, or the flu.

He says someone young or old or someone with a compromised immune system should get to the doctor within 48 hours to get anti viral medicine.

A cold may start with a sore throat, and you have a lot of congestion. Medicines that break up mucus and Ibuprofen for a swollen throat are recommended.

Dr Liebham says to try to prevent from getting sick, use hand sanitizer frequently, and try not to touch doors and railings, and if you touch common areas that others have touched, use hand sanitizer afterward, and don't touch your face.

Around the house, the sick person should not be in the kitchen preparing food. Use sanitzed wipes to clean refrigerator handles, microwave, remote controls, your phone, and don't share towels. He also recommends either running your toothbrush through the dishwasher.

You can listen to our interview below.

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