A Personal Story of Hope and Healing at Rady Children's

Here's a personal story of hope and healing.

You never expect to be walking into Rady Children’s Hospital cancer center, but in September of 2006, my wife and I were.  Our less than one year old grandson had been diagnosed with a neuroblastoma, a cancerous tumor in his little belly.

He was our first grandchild and the news was pretty difficult to deal with.

A pediatric cancer specialist at Rady Children’s told us a neuroblastoma was very rare, but that they had treated them before and they were confident they could treat our grandson’s.

And as rare as it was, the surgeon at Rady Children’s came in and told our family he thought there was a very good chance he could remove the tumor successfully.

A couple of days later, he did just that.  And amazingly with the care of the doctors and nurses at Rady Children’s, our little grandson was out of intensive care in a day and out of the hospital shortly after that.

He went in for periodic scans for a few years, but the cancer was gone and now is about to celebrate his 12th birthday, and is healthy, intelligent and musically talented and the cancer is far behind him.

But we will never forget the care, the concern and the hope that we discovered in a very personal way during that time from the specialists, caregivers and staff at Rady Children’s. 

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