WATCH: How to Stay Out of Trouble at Office Christmas Party

Had your office holiday party yet?

Company Christmas parties may or may not be as popular as they once were.  But they certainly have changed from years ago, especially in today’s harassment sensitive workplace.

And just in case your company Christmas party is still coming up, here is some advice from an expert, a professional workplace and management consultant, to keep you out of trouble.

No compliments on physical appearance

Telling someone they’re pretty or handsome even innocent in nature should be avoided.

Men & women should not touch each other

Anything beyond a handshake is opening a Pandora's Box. Men and women should avoid pats on the shoulder, hugs, and any touching of the arms or legs.

Avoid all forms of teasing

Everyone has a different reaction to humor and what is funny to one person can be offensive to others.

Keep your language in check

If you wouldn't say it in front of your Mother, then you shouldn't say it in front of the people you work with.

And no flirting

While office romances still exist but, in today's workplace they can potentially get you reprimanded or even fired. Flirting or asking a co-worker out for drinks should be avoided at all costs.

So there you go. Advice from Dr. Arlynne Diamond.  And now you’re all set for your harassment-proof holiday party.

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