The Good and Bad of San Diego Weather

The rain may be a pain for driving and doing things outdoors, but the good news about all this rain in recent weeks is making up for that bad news.

And with our seasonal rainfall total now more than two inches above average already, with more on the way, according to the National Weather Service in San Diego, that is indeed good news.

Remember it wasn’t very long ago, just three months ago that we were on high alert in San Diego County for wildfires due to all the dry brush and vegetation and low humidity and Santa Ana winds and we all witnessed the devastating fires in in L-A and Ventura Counties and the deadly fire in Northern California.

Of course fire and rain historically have been part of California’s unique and alternating weather pattern each year for a long time. One of the first things first responders learn is that one month they are facing fires and the next month they are facing floods.

And any of us who has lived here for any length of time knows they have to be prepared for both.  That’s why emergency officials spend so much time every year making sure we know what to do to prepare for fire and what to do to prepare for floods.

While San Diego still has the facts to back up its claim that it has the best weather overall each year than any other city in the country, it doesn’t mean we don’t have weather that makes news, and fortunately more good than bad. 

(Photo credit 10News)



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