What Not to Do in the Rain in California

Driving in the rain.  We’re all doing it this week.  

 If you’ve moved to California recently from the east or Midwest, you probably are not fazed by it.

But if you’ve lived in California for a while and are not used to driving in the rain, it can cause your nerves to jitter a bit.

And there’s plenty of evidence that a lot of drivers in California are not as good at driving in the rain as those who are fresh from parts of the country where they get a lot of rain.

Just ask any of our traffic reporters or the CHP.  Lots of accidents this week.

And many of the rain related crashes are from inexperience among those who may not be used to it…or may not yet be aware of the unique things that happen in California when we do get rain and leaves water on the roadway.

Even some California natives will forget sometimes that when the rain falls here, after not falling on us for a while, the surface of the highways and freeways are covered with the stuff they get covered with day after day, oil, grease, rubber etc.

And when the rain first arrives, it mixes with all that stuff and makes the pavement even more slippery at times.

So if you’re out driving in the rain with the storms this week, follow the advice of the auto insurance experts; slow down, stay farther behind the vehicles in front of you, don’t use cruise control and keep both hands on the steering wheel.  And of course, don’t even think about talking or texting, even if it’s hands-free.   

It’s all common sense, but sometimes we can get as sloppy as the roads!

(Photo credit reporting partner 10News)

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