Gillette Says It Wasn't Looking To Be Controversial With This Commercial

Gillette's new commercial has been met with quick and sharp response from critics who say it unfairly uses male stereotypes and is insulting. 

Some men have taken to trashing their Gillette products, calling for a boycott and vowing never to purchase from the company again. 

The commercial, which was released on Monday, shows men participating in various boorish behaviors such as mansplaining, cat-calling then ends with a message to act differently and create change for future generations of men. 

The ad does have its share of fans too, with many applauding the company for taking a stand in the #metoo era. 

A spokesperson for the company has responded to the social media debate on the commercial by saying its intention was not to "court controversy."  The spokesperson went on to say they were trying to upgrade the 30 year-old line for the brand, The Best a Man Can Get. 

Gillette's parent company is Proctor and Gamble