VIDEO: Catholic Boys Story and Why We Yell at Each Other

The story about those Catholic high school kids, a Native American and a religious group called Black Hebrew Israelites has changed since a slice of a larger video went viral.

Now that the full video has gone viral and the full story comes out, that story has changed.

But the larger story may be about the great diversity in our country and why there is such great division and lots of yelling at each other.

On that day in Washington, there were marches, rallies or demonstrations by a variety of belief with a variety of beliefs or causes.  From the pro-life anti-abortion groups, the reason those catholic kids were there, to other religious groups like the Black Hebrew Israelites, to the Indigenous People’s group, the reason the native American was there, to women’s rights activists who were there for the women’s march.

And when you watch the full more than 90 minute long video you might wonder why there’s so much yelling and arguing going on.

A Harvard conflict resolution expert may have the answer.  In an interview with Time Magazine about the impact of the internet and social media, Donna Hicks puts it this way:

“When people are treated as if we don’t matter or aren’t due respect, we become vindictive, tribalistic and vengeful.” And she says, “Research suggests that we are just as programmed to sense a threat to our dignity as we are to a physical threat.”

In other words, how we treat other people matters. It’s as old as the Golden Rule.

(Photo credit YouTube)

(CAUTION: Video below contains profanity)



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