Why the Big Game May Not Be a Big Deal in Los Angeles

The USA Today puts it this way: "If the TV ratings for the Super Bowl this Sunday are down, disgruntled New Orleans Saints fans are hoping they’re to blame."

Still angry over the missed call at the NFC Championship game two weekends ago that took away a likely Saints win and sent the L-A rams to the big game instead, has fans in New Orleans planning anti-Super Bowl parties this Sunday.

A lot of restaurants and bars in the town known as 'The Big Easy' will be filled with fans watching, not Sunday’s game, but replays of Super Bowl __ 9 years ago when the Saints beat the Indianapolis Colts.

And when it comes to TV ratings, it also will be interesting to watch what happens in L-A on Sunday. When the Rams won two weekends ago, the TV ratings were not great with higher ratings here in San Diego for that game.

Despite going for more than 20 years without any NFL team and now having two, L-A sports fans have been slow so to embrace the Rams and that other team there that used to be in San Diego.

And you have to wonder if Charger fans will root for the Rams because they now share a hometown?Or will they root against the Rams to keep them from gaining even more distance in popularity over the now L-A Chargers, who made it to the playoffs and then lost to Tom Brady's team,

One thing’s for sure. A lot of fans will be rooting against the New England Patriots because; well they’re the New England Patriots.

( Photo credit Getty Images)

Super Bowl trophy  Getty Images

Super Bowl trophy Getty Images

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