David Westerfield, Fighting for His Life, 17 Years after Ending Danielle's

He killed Danielle Van Dam, after horribly abusing her. It is gut-wrenching that he continues to fight so hard for his life.

It is the nature of our system, and I suppose we have to appreciate that it is a slow, but methodical system of justice. He's likely on his way to the Supreme court after his latest appeal to the California State Supreme Court, failed. (Read more here.)

But, I remember covering this case, and can tell you that every time I think of this monster, I remember the pictures of a smiling, innocent, Danielle. I get angry, when I think of what she had to go through before her death, and the terror and pain that child must have felt, in her final moments.

It is stomach churning, and most of us who remember this monster, can't help but empathize with Danielle, and wish that Westerfield would just go away. His face makes most of us a little bit, or a lot, sick.

His defense even tried to blame the child pornography found on his computer, on his son. Can you even imagine how evil that is?

Danielle Van Dam and her family did not deserve this animal inserting himself into their lives, and ending Danielle's.

The end of these seemingly endless appeals will, at some point, be a relief. He is inhuman, and deserves no sympathy or empathy, from any of us.

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