VIDEO: Why L-A is Not Heavenly for the L-A Chargers

You may have seen the stories this last week about the Hollywood script about the L-A Rams in which they win the Super Bowl.

The stories were about some odd similarities the Rams winning the Big Game in the 1978 movie Heaven Can Wait that you may remember.

In the film, Warren Beatty, in a miracle kind of way, plays a quarterback for the L-A Rams named Tom Jarrett and his uniform number was 16, the same number as the current Rams’ quarterback whose first name, Jared, sounds like the last name of that Hollywood quarterback 41 years ago.

And then the New York Times discovered a sports story written back in 1980, . just before the big game that year, in which the L-A Rams lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers at the Rose Bowl in L-A. The writer John Branch suggesting at the time that maybe one day a quarterback for the Rams with the same number as the miracle quarterback in the movie two years before would wear the same number and lead his team to a victory.

Despite the oddities from history, the L-A Rams did not win Sunday, and for them, just like the film, their football heaven can wait.

Now on the morning after, the headline in the LA Times says despite their loss Sunday, the future for the young Rams team is bright.

But now you have to wonder what kind of movie a Hollywood script writer could come up with about that other NFL team that L-A doesn’t seem to care much about. The title of such a film might be “Why L-A is Not Heaven for the former San Diego Chargers”.

(Photo credit Getty Images)

L-A Rams quarterback Hared Goff  Getty Images

L-A Rams quarterback Hared Goff Getty Images

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