Reform California Launches Campaign Against "Water Tax Weaklings"

Reform California has kicked off an effort targeting state lawmakers over a proposed tax on drinking water that was included in the Governor's state budget.

In 2018, California State Senator Josh Newman was successfully recalled from office over his decision to cast the deciding vote on the controversial Gas Tax hike. In light of equally-controversial Water Tax being proposed in Governor Gavin Newsom’s budget ,

Reform California has announced it is targeting 12 state legislators, 4 state Senators and 8 Assembly members over the issue in an attempt to either block the Water Tax from being passed OR to use it as a wedge issue to defeat these legislators in the 2020 cycle.

The 12 legislators are seen as the most vulnerable members of the state legislature – and more importantly, if 3 State Senators or 7 Assembly members announce their opposition to the Water Tax, it would effectively be killed as any tax hike requires at least a two-thirds vote in BOTH chambers to pass.

The Water Tax Weakling campaign will target voters in each of the 12 target Senate and Assembly districts held by the targeted legislators.Voters will be informed of their representative’s unacceptable position on the Water Tax and will be asked to sign a petition to oppose the Water Tax.

Carl DeMaio discusses his plan during an appearance on KUSI News.

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