VIDEO: The Most Mysterious Case of Rebecca Zahau

It may be a question that will forever be asked by many in San Diego. Who killed Rebecca Zahau?

It is sure to be the topic of books and movies for years. One of the most mysterious cases in San Diego history.

The young woman found hanging, nude and bound, from a balcony at the Spreckels Mansion in Coronado in 2011.

The sheriff’s department and medical examiner’s office determining it was a suicide. And just two months ago, completing a review of the case that resulted in the same finding.

And now with this week’s unexpected and undisclosed out of court settlement in the wrongful death lawsuit where a jury decided that the brother of Rebecca’s boyfriend was responsible for her death, doubts about the case may never go away.

There is some talk by her family and others to try to get the medical examiner to change the official cause of Rebecca’s death.But that would appear to be very unlikely.

So we are left with those who believe the admittedly hard to believe findings that Rebecca took her own life as all the detectives, forensic experts and medical examiner have now twice concluded.

And with those…like the members of the jury in the family’s civil lawsuit who are convinced that Rebecca was killed at the hands of her boyfriend’s brother.

So all of this means that there will always be questions seeking answers that may not exist.

WATCH interview with Adam Shacknai below .

( Photo credit reporting partner 10News )

Spreckels Mansion Coronado  10News

Spreckels Mansion Coronado 10News

Rebecca Zahau  10News

Rebecca Zahau 10News

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