Trying to Keep an Iconic San Diego Destination Alive

The story in the San Diego Union Tribune may have said it best. Don’t forget about Seaport Village.

That’s because a lot of people have. Having just visited there with out of town family, it’s a bit depressing to see what once was has become what now is.

The once hugely popular shopping and destination for those of us who live here as well as tons of tourists is clearly not attracting as many people over the last couple of years or so.

That’s because the Port’s decision several years ago to close down Seaport Village and convert it to an all new attraction with not only retail but a hotel, an aquarium and a tall observation tower got stalled and is probably now still 5 or more years away, if everything goes right.

Some may say it was poor planning, others will say it’s just one of those things that happen when you decide to make a change and unanticipated things happen.

Port commissioners probably never anticipated what an outcry there would be when they announced that Seaport Village was going to be torn down. It all led to lots of the stores there closing down and petition drives to save Seaport Village.

So now this week the Port has voted to spend more than two million dollars to spruce up the place and reinvigorate Seaport Village and bring stores and people back. Let’s hope it works.

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(Photo credit C.E. Albert)

Seaport Village store lease sign Feb 2019  Cliff Albert


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