Couple Escapes Injury After Tree Falls On Escondido House

A man and his pregnant wife escaped serious injury after a tree fell onto their Escondido home early Friday morning. It happened at around 3:00a.m. on Jesmond Drive, a day after the county was battered by heavy rain and wind.

The homeowner told reporting partner 10 News that he and his wife, who is eight months pregnant, were asleep in their bedroom when an oak tree in their yard came crashing down on their house. The tree hit a portion of a detached shed and landed on the home's roof. The impact caused the ceiling to cave in directly over the couple’s bedroom, with one branch pierced through the ceiling. The husband said he instantly shielded his wife as the ceiling and debris began coming down. The couple then rushed out to avoid being trapped or hit.

Photo Credit: 10 News


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