What to Do About Potholes in San Diego

Have you seen them? There are lots of them all over the city of San Diego.

Have you hit one yet? A lot of drivers have and if you haven’t, you may hit one yet.

They’re potholes. And they’re breaking out like pimples on a rash. Thousands of them, thanks to a winter like we haven’t seen for some time.

Yes, when it rains a lot, as it has for the last couple of months here in San Diego, those potholes sprout like gophers but are even more damaging.

Just take a ride on Harbor Drive or on several of the other downtown streets. Or cruise along El Cajon Boulevard or make your way up University Avenue or countless other city streets and you’ll see them, hopefully before your tire finds one of them.Because hitting a pothole can be a costly tire repair.

So if you’re a driver, be on pothole alert. There are ways to avoid them, by slowing down. And when you see one, or hit one, report it to the city on their Get It Done app.

The City of San Diego says they repair some 30,000 potholes a year in a typical year, and with this winter not being a typical one when it comes to rain, city workers won’t be surprised to see that number rise this year.

(Photo credit reporting partner 10News)

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