Man Accused of Flooding Little Italy Apartment Building Pleads Not Guilty

A man accused of causing a flood in an eight story apartment building in Little Italy has pleaded not guilty to dozens of charges.

A deputy District Attorney argued that 37-year-old Francisco Morales is a danger to the community. "He poses a great threat to the community as there are over 200 individuals, citizens in the community of Little Italy who cannot go home; they have essentially lost everything," she said.

The judge raised Morales' bail to one million dollars. Morales faces 45 counts of felony vandalism and 5 counts of assault intended to cause great bodily injury.

An estimated 200 residents were displaced after the incident Monday morning. Police say Morales opened pipes and used a fire hose to flood all eight floors of the building. Water from the hose and pipes made its way down to all floors, including the basement, according to authorities. Multiple witnesses said some residents were waist- or shoulder-deep in water as they tried to leave. Morales was arrested in the lobby of the apartment building that prosecutors said may have to be condemned.

(Photo credit reporting partner 10News)


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