Stopping Suicide on the Coronado Bridge?

It's about time we did SOMETHING!

Good lord. How many people do we have to lose this way, before we try to stop it?

The bridge has been the method of suicide for 420 people, since it was built.

Could all of those deaths have been prevented by making it more difficult to jump? Likely that answer is no. But some, undoubtedly could have been prevented, if it was more difficult to USE the bridge as the method.

Suicide is a complicated issue, and bird spikes on the bridge are not going to stop them from happening. What those spikes a start.

Let me refer you to this heart-wrenching video, of a man who survived a suicide attempt off the Golden Gate Bridge.

The most telling part, is him describing the first thought as he left the bridge. Watch it. HEAR what he says.

Suicide isn't about dying. It is about killing the pain.

Mental health IS health.

If it sounds as though I am speaking from experience, I am. I am open about my mental health, and struggles. I am human, and wildly imperfect. I also accept this.

And sometimes, something as simple as making it HARD to do something, is enough to give someone time. Time to think. Time to pause. Time to get help.

If YOU need help. If you know someone and you are frightened for them, here is a step that can help:

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Call 1-800-273-8255

Available 24 hours everyday

If you struggle, or have lost someone, the San Diego Chapter of the America Foundation for Suicide Prevention can help.

If you think that no one knows how you feel....your brain is lying to you. There are millions of Americans who know exactly how you feel. I wish more of them would talk about it.

I also see the faces of those who have lost family and friends to suicide. They never get over it.

You matter, no matter what your effed up brain is saying to you.



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